Cómo Como Festival

Healthy eating and a festival with purpose.

The challenge

In 2016, Nuria Coll, director of Ets el que menjes (You are what you eat), invited our creative agency to participate in the creation of an unprecedented festival related to healthy eating. This was the start of an amazing 4-year adventure in which we have grown with the project with professional involvement, a little bit of stress and a lot of passion.

The result

The naming and brand created for the first edition of the festival has accompanied us for four editions. Each year, the poster has lead the communication and, without losing the essence,new expressive territories have been promoted.

In addition, we have participated in the design and activation of the leisure space in Mataró and the Port of Barcelona. We also took place in the conceptualization of the activities that could be done during the event.

We would like to highlight the communication axis “veggies without measures” (verdura sense mesura) and the music video shot with the music group Xiula to put out the message.